Want to know how great my life is??

     Let me tell you a little story about my two friends Bryan and Melani. This mischievous brother and sister pair come over and bargain with us for as much fruit as they can, as often as possible. They come and listen to Steve explain gardening to them, even though they don’t understand a word he says in English. They stand out front of the gate sometimes, just curious. They laugh, they play, they pretend, they imagine, they learn, they love. They don’t come from the best of circumstances at home, but they still manage to be one of the brightest lights in my day. They make others laugh and smile. They have big hearts – even bigger than their appetites for fruit – which is impressive! I love these two SO SOOO much and am so happy that I have the opportunity to spend time with them!  Makes me never want to leave!

     I am telling you folks, it does not get better than this!


Posted by ryanlynch