Christmas here in Cosanga was beautiful.  For the 9 days leading up to Christmas, there was a Novena in a different person’s house every night.  The whole town went for songs and prayers around the nativity scene that the family made, and then everyone was served dinner.  It was a calm and happy atmosphere, a place for everyone to go and hang out and be happy together.

On Christmas Eve, I went to a party with Henry’s family where there was a band playing awesome traditional music that everyone was obviously dancing too, and they served us food (of course).  After that, Henry, Alex, and I went to the soccer field where basically everyone from Cosanga was gathered for a huge town party.  There was a fire, a DJ, fireworks (and of course lots of trago).  I left around 5 am, and there were plentyyyy of people still going strong when I left.

On Christmas Day, everyone was just hanging around Cosanga, everyone in good moods.  The best thing about here is that it isn’t about all the presents (no crazy Christmas shopping, no worrying about what to get for everyone)–it’s about being with your family and friends and having a good time together.  Most of the kids are gifted a bag of cookies and candies, but not much else.  They do Christmas way better here in my opinion (no offense, Americans :))!

And as a bonus, the kids ASKED for curso over Christmas break!  We were gonna cancel it, because well it’s vacation.  But that in itself made my Christmas.  🙂  Merry Christmas everyone!


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