Watch this space…

So today marks about 3 weeks since I arrived here in Cosanga to begin my work as social media intern for Sustainable Roots.

One of my jobs during my time here will be to provide regular updates on all the goings on here, as well as updating our other social medias. (Did you know we have Facebook and Instagram? You should check them out by clicking those handy little icons at the top of the screen).

Within these blog posts, I’ll also attempt to answer any questions that potential volunteers/visitors will have about things such as the organisation, the area in which we work, what the culture is like etc. The people here could not be more welcoming or helpful, but if you’re coming from far afield like I did, you can never be too prepared. Of course, we also have our FAQ in which there is already a bunch of info on what to expect, so make sure to check that out as well.

In the meantime, this website is currently undergoing some construction so watch this space for updates! And remember that you can send any questions our way here 🙂


Posted by ryanlynch