Have some fun

and raise some funds!

Attend an event, host your own event, or participate in a sporting event to help us out. On the upcoming events calendar check out some of the things we have going on in our communities!

Upcoming events:

Our upcoming events include fundraisers and events in our communities.


October 21-22, 2016:

Grand Junction Hunger Drive: Sustainable Roots teams up with Grand Junction Community of Christ Church for our annual hunger drive. Click on the the link for details about this years event.

We encourage our supporters to help us with fundraising. Below are two PDFs that have information about how to help. The first is an outline about to put on a "Big Kid Prom", or prom for adults where no one gets in trouble for spiking the punch! The second is an information sheet about how to raise money during a sporting event. If you are going to climb Mt Everest or run a 5k, you can help us raise money at the same time.

Big Kid Prom