Where can you find us?

Sustainable Roots is located in the tiny, peaceful Andean mountain town of Cosanga. Due to its position in the middle of three large forest reserves, the area boasts a lot of beautiful cloud forest habitat. It is also world renowned for its amazing bird diversity, registering the highest count in the world in the Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count.  

We work here and the nearby town of Baeza (18 km away). We are about a 4 hour bus ride from the capital city of Quito and about 1.5 hours away from Tena in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Where can you find us?

If those distances sounds like a lot to you, then don't fear: buses run through both the day and night, and the fares are extremely cheap. Volunteers will frequently take visits to the nearby towns during their free time. Every once in a while it is possible to take a longer break to somewhere further afield, such as the coast.

View of Cosanga

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