The mission of Sustainable Roots is to initiate and support projects that empower our community. The outcome of this is the preservation of cultural and natural resources.



It all began when a group of biologists, artists and teachers met in Cosanga, Ecuador in 2005. This group had a shared vision to empower and educate local communities on sustainable living. As a result, they formed the organization 'Sustainable Roots'.


Since then, we have become part of the daily life in Cosanga. We offer classes in English and Art to the children both during the school year and throughout the summer holidays ('Curso Vacacional). As well as this, we help to organize and participate in community work days known as 'mingas' and other local events. We are therefore affecting a noticeable change among the younger generation in terms of unity, creativity and vision for their future.

We also welcome volunteers from all over the world into our family. At present we are a small organization but our house is constantly bustling with activity. We love to embrace different cultures and are constantly learning from new members who come to join us.

You can find more information on the work we are carrying out here in Cosanga in the section Our Work. For the most up to date information, check out our Facebook and Instagram.


Overall, we are aiming to develop a sustainable mindset in the most biologically diverse area on the planet! We look forward to helping support more and more community driven projects. Our vision for the future includes expansion to Canton Quijos (Quijos County) within which there are 6 small towns. We would also like to pursue more ambitious environmental projects. As an example, we are currently constructing a greenhouse made out of old plastic bottles. We are always keen to hear other people's ideas and suggestions.

Finally, we are always looking for more help to fulfill our dreams here in Ecuador. If you would like to become a valuable part of the Sustainable Roots team, check out our Volunteer page! Or just send us a message here.

For a summary of our current work and future goals from some of the Sustainable Roots members themselves, please watch the video below.