In July of 2013 we took a group of students on a trip to the town of Baños.


Baños, a town in the eastern Andes, is known as the adventure sport capital of Ecuador.

We spent the first couple of days volunteering for the Fundación Oscar Reyes with a book fair and cleaning up some garden spaces for the organization.  We think volunteering is important, so we look for ways that our students can give back in the communities they visit.

After we finished working, we went out looking for adventure.  There was a day of rafting where one of our boats flipped.  Then a day rappelling down waterfalls.  Next we went flying through the air zip lining, and tied the trip up with a 60 km bike ride checking out amazing waterfalls along the way.

Overall, this trip helped students to see tourism in a new light allowing them to be tourists in their own country.