In August of 2014 we took our students on a trip to the Cuyabeno reserve in the heart of the Amazon basin. The reserve contains 14 interconnected lagoons and an area of flooded forest with plants specially adapted to the high level of water.

We left Cosanga at 4 in the morning to wait for a bus to the city of Lago Agrio where we climbed into a canoe. After an hour on the canoe we came to the lodge. Over the next couple of days our students paddled around in dugout canoes taking in the beautiful scenery and amazing plant and animal life. We saw a porcupine, a sloth, a baby anaconda, several dolphins, one of them pink, and many bird species.

We visited a local community and helped clear some nasty stinging nettle out of the garden area there and then watched a local woman make a traditional yuca bread called "casava'. The process started with the harvesting of the yuca root right out of her garden. In the evenings we took to the lake again where the students watched the beautiful sunsets and jumped from the boats to swim in the lake.

The tour which lasted five days left us wanting to explore more of this beautiful area.