Our Community

In a town of only around 500 people, there exists a valuable opportunity to forge close bonds and inspire friendships. Furthermore, there is potential to come together and work as a team to improve the local area. One of our main goals at Sustainable Roots is to provide aid in achieving both of these things.

Mingas Est. 2010

Minga is the Ecuadorian word for community work day. It is a gathering during which people from various families come together to work towards a common goal, followed by a shared meal. Sometimes afterwards there will be a bit of a party as well, to celebrate all the hard work which has been done! Some examples of past mingas include building greenhouses and gardens.

Pot lucks Est. 2013

It's a little hard to do pot lucks in the traditional sense for a town of just 500 people, so we gather up a bit of this and a bit of that and spend the day cooking. It is a great way to get everyone together, because let's face it, everyone loves to eat!

Community donations Est. 2011

As a result of our role here in Cosanga, we often get asked to collaborate with donations for different events around town: mother's day dinners, the annual fair, Carnaval, among others. We are happy to help out with anything that helps to bring the local people together. Also, it's always fun to join in!