English teaching

Our English teaching program was the number one request of the Cosanga community when we began our work. Consequently after several years of hard work and perseverance, the students in Cosanga are known for their excellence in English. Since noticing the success of our students, the nearby town of Baeza has requested our help as well. We therefore teach English to students in the Cosanga elementary school (Est. 2010) and the Baeza elementary school (Est. 2012) In addition we offer extracurricular English classes in Cosanga (Est. 2010) and in Baeza (Est. 2016).

D.A.R (Dando Alumnos Recursos: Giving Students Resources) Est. 2012

In the afternoons children from the Cosanga community come to the organization for homework help and creative learning time. This program reaches some of the most underserved kids in Cosanga and facilitates them with an environment in which they can excel as a result! Daily activities can be anything from bowling with recycled pins to outings with our P.E.E.K cameras. Sometimes it's simply relaxing and watching a movie. Most of all we want to promote a mix of learning and fun.

Curso vacacional

Finally, every “summer” in Cosanga we offer a fun filled summer school program. This encompasses art, environmental education and plain 'ole fun.  Activities the kids always enjoy are reforestation projects, visits from the fire fighters to teach first aid, kickball, and hanging out by the river on the sunny days. There are also water fights, lots of water fights! Furthermore, English classes continue to take place in the late afternoons and evenings. Students who regularly attend are subsequently rewarded with a day trip to somewhere in Ecuador. In 2017, this meant an adventure to the nearby Baños. Most noteworthy was the 2015 trip to the Galapagos.