Biodiversity PEEK-Photography Empowering and Educating Kids Est. 2013

Thanks to a generous donation from our partner organization The Biodiversity Group (TBG), we run a biodiversity photography program with the kids of Cosanga. This program puts old but fully functioning digital cameras in the hands of our kids in Ecuador.  The objectives of the project are threefold: (1) To engage kids in nature exploration and learning about the local environment, (2) Hands-on technology education, and finally (3) Grow community communication and promote community pride. In addition,hotos that the kids of Cosanga take as part of this project will be displayed on our Facebook page as well as the online citizen science website iNaturalist.

Reforestation Est. 2016

Over the course of our work we have participated in several reforestation projects, but found that the trees we plant often die off within a few months of planting. With permission from a local landowner we have decided to carry out a long term study to understand the best methods of reforestation, in order to benefit the environment. As a result, we hope to carry out more successful projects in the future.

Organic Gardening Est. 2010

Growing crops organically can be a challenge in an environment that receives up to 5 meters of rain annually. We are therefore constantly looking for the most sustainable solution to this issue. In the first few years of our work we built two greenhouses to benefit 8 families in Cosanga and the surrounding area. Now we are working on establishing permaculture and organic gardens in the spaces around the organization housing in Cosanga. Next on our agenda is an aquaponics system to serve as a model for the county, in addition to another greenhouse made out of recycled water bottles.

Thank-you to NGO Photographers Alliance for supplying the photos on this page!